Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Red" in Saranac Lake and Washington, DC

Last night we saw the play "Red" at Pendragon Theatre, on the recommendation of - well - everyone!  And it was well worth it. It was like a wild ride inside the head of a fascinating man who thought much more deeply than I ever have about the meaning of art and of being an artist.

It was also fascinating that I entered the theater thinking I knew the actor playing Rothko - my ArtWorks colleague Burdette Parks. But Rothko was played by Rothko! I guess it was Burdette, but he was marvelously transformed into someone I had not met before. Someone who could be loud, opinionated, sometime rude and obnoxious. I loved it!

In May, we visited the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. We didn't do much homework and had limited time, and we got to the Phillips with only about an hour and a half to explore the whole place before they closed. Not enough to really sit and observe as I would have preferred.

The Rothko Room
As we wandered, we found the Laib Wax Room. It was Experiential Art in a wonderful way! It's a small closet-sized room lined with bees wax (440 pounds worth!) and illuminated by a bare ceiling bulb that provides just enough warmth to enhance the fragrance of the wax. (Go to the link above to learn more, and imagine that fragrance as you read.) The room was inspired by the Rothko Room in the same section of the museum, and that is where we went next. At the time, my only regret about our visit were that we didn't have enough time to sit for long in the Rothko Room. Now my second regret is that we had not seen the play "Red" before being in Rothko's space. It would have added a whole different dimension to have understood the artist as presented in the play.

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  1. I am a printer in addition to a fiber artist. Rothko has been my inspiration for many of my prints. Love his work! Got to see some of it in person and it was well worth the trip.