Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Saranac Lake 6er Art exhibit is now up on display in the windows of the former Pink store, 5 Broadway, Saranac Lake. These are paintings, photos and mixed media pieces by ArtWorks members that include in some way the 6 mountains around Saranac Lake that are part of the "6er Challenge". Ampersand, Baker, Haystack, McKenzie, Scarface and St. Regis. Memorial Day weekend is the kick-off for this event and the hikers are out on the trails right now trying to see who will be "Ultra 6er #1" - the first person to hike all 6 mountains within 1 24 hour period. The display will be open to the public from 3 - 7 pm today, May 25, 2013.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Art & Environment

I probably shouldn’t “review” my own show – but there are 3 very different exhibits going on right now that provide some great material for discussion. I am going to compare my show, “The Wild, Wild West”, Cris Winters’ show “Plein Air en Provence”, and Peter Shrope’s Adirondack Rockware.

Avalanche Lake, MT
What’s interesting is that all three of us created art based on the environment we live in or experience. If you’ve never been out to Glacier National Park – that’s where I did most of my paintings last summer – you could see what I experienced while I was out there hiking. My paintings are done “en plein air”, that is, outdoors, on location, using oil paints, and they are pretty realistic and accurate to what I actually was seeing and experiencing. My work is at the Adirondack Artists Guild, at 52 Main Street, in Saranac Lake.

Bouillabaise in the Rain
Cris Winters also did paintings of the places she was experiencing – only they are entirely different. First of all – she was in Provence, France – so her subject matter includes cathedrals, still lifes, vineyards, street scenes, etc. Her style is loose and expressive, but equally inviting. With quick, sketchy watercolor brush strokes and water soluble pencils, her pieces look like instant art. I look at them and I can picture her wetting her paper, washing in shapes of buildings or objects with bold strokes of color, and clarifying the forms with pencil outlines that soften and blend in with the wet color. Quick, impressionistic – yet still based on careful observation, Cris sought out interesting shapes and compositions and created delightful “memories” of her travels in France. Her work is on display, appropriately, in the Left Bank Cafe at 36 Broadway in Saranac Lake. The Cafe is next door to the NorthWind Fine Arts Gallery, where Cris is a member.

Peter Shrope is also a member of NorthWind and is the featured artist for May. He is a ceramic artist and designer and he literally makes his art from the environment. His graceful wheel thrown ceramic forms, bowls, covered jars and other containers, as well as wall tiles, are glazed in beautiful colors that come from the rocks of the Adirondacks! Peter wrote in his press release “Personal influences, the environment a person lives in and local materials have always played a role in the objects an artist produces and how cultural identity is defined. My use of locally mined crushed rock in my glaze recipes follows a long and rich tradition in artists and craft workers worldwide. Being able to use our local rock in these glazes is just such an exciting and rewarding discovery.” Peter’s exhibit of “Adirondack Rockware”, is another variation of howan artist can be influenced by the environment he or she lives or works in. The exhibit will run until the end of May.

So May in Saranac Lake is a great opportunity to see how three artists interpret and represent their environment in very different ways.

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